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Jobike Terms and Conditions 

Last updated : January,  2024

By installing and/or otherwise accessing the app, you agree to all the ‘’Terms of Use’’  of Jobike App


Please read these ‘terms & conditions carefully before using our app, bike & services  from Jobike Limited


Jobike app is published by or on behalf of Jobike Limited. ( ‘’We’’ or ‘’Us’’ ) a company registered in Bangladesh.

Jobike is committed to ensuring the app, website, bike, and services provided is as useful and efficient as possible.





  1. These ‘terms and conditions of use (‘’this Agreement)  involves between the user ( ‘’you’’ or ‘’Rider) and ‘’Jobike’’.

  2. You must be at least 18 years of age or above to be eligible to use our services.

  3. To use our bikes and services in selected service areas, you must be a verified user.

  4. These terms are applied to every Jobike user. You cannot transfer, assign or delegate your rights to any other individual or anyone under these terms and any attempted delegation is void.

  5. We will expand our service in more cities in the future. Visit our website to see areas where our service is available.


App Usage


  1. Riding charge will be incurred from Jobike balance.

  2. Even, if we aim to give our best efforts and care in providing the app to you, we do not guarantee that the app will always be free from faults. Nor do we make any warranties of the app or your use of it. However, we encourage all users to report any app bug issues or crashes via our email.

  3. We are responsible for the app. None of our Third Party ( if any)  or related bodies (corporate) are not obliged to provide support for the app, or to address any claims related to the app.

  4. Jobike app/website/bike/services have been made available for your personal use. You must not use any of Jobike’s products or services for any commercial/illegal or unauthorized purpose.

  5. Furthermore, no unlawful manner or any manner encouraging or promoting illegal activity including copyright infringement or :

  6. Attempting to gain unauthorized access to the app or any networks, computers, servers, connected to the app or,

  7. Trying to copy, modify, adapt, translate or reverse engineer any part of the app/trademarks or frame or reformat any portion of the pages, or extract source code, comprising the App must not be practiced.

  8. You also shouldn't try to translate the app into other languages or derivative versions.

  9. Jobike app stores and processes personal data that you have provided to us so that you can use the bike. We therefore, recommend you not to jailbreak or root your phone which is the process of removing software restrictions and limitations imposed by the official OS of your device. This will make your device vulnerable to malware/viruses/malicious programs, compromise your phone's security features and this can lead to Jobike app not working at all.

  10. For smooth usage of the app, you need to have an active internet connection.

  11. You should be aware, that Jobike does not take responsibility for the app not working at full functionality if you don't have access to an active internet connection or Wi-FI.

  12. You need to make sure, that your device has sufficient charge to use the app starting from unlocking a bike to till you lock the bike.




Trips should begin and end within the coverage area. Trips should not be ended outside that and any bike left outside the coverage area will be considered as an act of ‘’theft’’. Therefore, the rider hereby agrees to pay BDT 25000, for the full cost levied for a lost or stolen bike, through the negligence of the rider as set forth.


Also, if the rider leaves the bike unattended or unlocked and it is stolen, Jobike will charge its replacement cost up to  BDT 25000.


Bike Rental Terms


  1. Jobike provides high efficient bikes for rental services. We ask our customers to treat the bikes responsibly, to maintain the efficiency of the bikes at a minimal cost.

  2. Normal wear & tear (minimal) is accepted and is included within the rental price. However, you are liable to ride in a proper manner and not subject it to any misuse or unfair wear & tear.

  3. You will not offer for sale, lend, mortgage, rent, dispose of, pledge or others with possession of the booked bike.

  4. Any suspicious activity or theft to the booked cycles or equipment should be reported to Jobike immediately however caused.

  5. Any critical loss, damage, occurs due to intentional conducts, accidents, crash or negligence is customer's liability and should be notified to Jobike immediately.  You will be charged for the reasonable cost of repair or replacement for the critical damage/loss incurred.

  6. Jobike does not guarantee, that bikes will not be available at all times in all places.



Overtime Fees/Balance exceed


Any rider will be charged to overtime fees if the trip exceeds the estimated time period, corresponding to the rider is liable for any responsibility for tracking the duration of each trip. Your account will deduct the exceeded amount, the next time you recharge your account.

All fees are subject to applicable VAT, taxes. As per government rules & regulations.




  1. We don't share your personal or any information to any Third Party.  The app is developed with good security to keep your details protected, but when you are logged in to the app, it is your responsibility to keep your phone safe. Anyone with access to your phone will be able to view the information in the app.

  2. Jobike have been designed with great care to meet the customer's comfort and ease. However, you are liable to ensure the physical fitness to ride Jobike at any distance. Jobike does not accept the responsibility, in your failure of riding Jobike, due to poor fitness, personal injury or illness,  loss or any personal damage, accidents or death.

  3. You must not ride under the influence of drugs, alcohol,  fatigue or other causes.

  4. Rider expressly acknowledges that applicable laws require every rider to wear a protective helmet designed for bicycles for safety.




  1. You understand that Jobike manages your payment of applied charges of the use of services. Applicable charges will be inclusive of applied taxes and VAT.

  2. Jobike sales outlet/agent is located within service locations, provides instructions and accept payment for recharging balance in the app.

  3. From time to time, users will be provided with offers/promotions by Jobike through the use of the services and you accept that such offers/promotions provided to you will not have any bearings on your use of the services or the charges applicable to you.

  4. We DO NOT share or exchange your payment details to any third party. We keep your personal information, including your payment details strictly confidential.




The copyright in all material contained is available in the app, including all information, data, text, photographs/ graphics, arrangement and selection, all source code, software compilations, visuals and other ( ‘’materials’’ ) is owned by or licensed to Jobike  Limited. All rights are reserved.

You cannot copy, edit, reproduce, publish, display. distribute, store, transmit, exploit commercially, disseminate any form of materials without the permission of Jobike Limited.


Also, the trademarks, service marks, logos ‘’ (Trademarks) contained on/ in the App are owned by Jobike Limited. You cannot copy, edit, reproduce, publish, display. distribute, store, transmit, exploit commercially, disseminate any form of materials without any written consent of Jobike  Limited.


All contents are protected by copyright, trademark, patent and other intellectual property and property rights which are reserved to Jobike Limited.


Third Parties


Jobike does not endorse or influence/control over any Third Party websites and, unless or otherwise, stated is not responsible for any Third Party websites, or contents/Advertisements.


Prohibited uses


You agree not to use the app/bicycle in any way that :


  1. Is offensive or obscene.

  2. Is defamatory of any other person or individual

  3. Encourages or promotes discrimination based on race, religion, sex, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, body shaming or age.

  4. Infringes any copyright, trademark, or database right of any other person

  5. Likely to harass, upset, annoy, embarrass, alarm or another disturbing behaviour towards any person or individual

  6. Likely to disrupt or interfere/slow down our service in any way

  7. Is political or involving an act of terror or terrorism/crime.

  8. Advocates promotes, encourages or assists any child/woman or any human physical abuse

  9. Any unlawful act as copyright infringement, software/website/service/bike hack or misuse.


Intellectual Property


All intellectual property rights, graphics, trademarks, copyrights, database rights  in the app, website, bike or services belongs to Jobike Limited

Jobke  ‘name and logo, and other Jobike trademarks, service marks, graphics and logos used, related to the app are Trademarks of Jobike (collectively ‘’Jobike Trademarks’’). You should not do anything involving app, website, bike or services, which is not expressly authorized within these terms and conditions.



 Jobike is not responsible for any injury, loss, damage or including death to any person or property with regard to the use of bikes booked. You accept indemnity of Jobike and its directors, employees, offices & agents against any or all claims, costs, losses, liabilities, demands, expenses, interest (including advocates fees) arising out of or in connection of such injury or damage caused directly or indirectly through


  1. Use of services

  2. Violation or Breach of terms

  3. Violation of the rights of any Third Party, including injuries in accidents.


Jobike reserves the right to control the defense and settlement of/any Third Party claims for which you indemnify Jobike under these app terms and you will assist us in exercising such rights.


The rider shall defend and hold Jobike harmless for, from and against any and all claims related to or arising out of the terms and conditions, including but not limited to warranties set forth in this agreement and the rental, maintenance, design, use or operation of the bike & the locks.

Products & Services


Jobike reserves the right to suspend or cease services of any user or/relation to the app published by it, with or without notice shall not be responsible or liable to you in any manner whatsoever if it chooses to do so.


Jobike  is responsible for addressing any queries, comments, concerns or claims relating to the app, website, bike or services and/or your use of the app,


Please report to any violations of these terms or direct any queries to email:




Jobike hereby grants you a non - exclusive, non - transferable, revocable license to use the app for your personal, non commercial use and only on an Android OS ( ‘’Device’’) as permitted by the applicable platform terms and in accordance with these app terms ( ‘’User License’’). All other rights in the app are reserved by Jobike Limited.


We will be entitled to terminate the user license immediately, in the event of your breach of these app terms.


The time period of the license : 3 years





We may terminate these ‘terms and conditions’ at any time and cancel your account or our services with/without cause  Rider cannot make any claim or causes for such actions, expenses and/or damages connected or related to any such termination. Rider can use the unused balance remaining the next time he chooses to install the app.




Jobike will collect, use and process your location to provide you bike rental services. Time to time, Jobike will monitor and track your riding activity via the Jobike app. GPS locations are used to locate nearby bikes. If you do not enable GPS in your device, you won't be able to fully access the Jobike availability nearby locations. Only, through the app, you can find a bike, unlock a bike and start riding until you lock back the bike at a safe place.


Security & Use of Personal info


The collection, use, and processing of your phone number, personal details, trip details, including payment details and others are kept strictly confidential of every user. We do not exchange or transfer your personal details to any Third Party. However, we suggest every user update their personal details, esp, their phone number, whenever they have changed. We send promotional, system, and various emails to users time to time. We identify every user by their individual phone number. Therefore, when you update your phone number, we will send a verification code to verify your phone number.


Service Management


Currently, we are providing service & customer support via hotline numbers between (10 AM to 6 PM). We also reply to social media platform messages.  However, we may keep our bikes offline for use in certain circumstances.


Privacy Policy


The privacy policy is applicable to all the services we provide you, including,  website, application, , bike and other services by Jobike. We DO NOT share your provided information, to other Third Parties. Your privacy is one of our eminent concern. We reserve your information, protecting your personal privacy.  




The services are made available ( ‘’As Available’’)  by Jobike disclaims all warranties, expressed, implied or statutory, not implied or expressed in these terms, including if any implied warranties, of the app, bike or services. Jobike makes no guarantee, warranty, or representation related to the quality, suitability, reliability, assurance or availability of the app, bike or services. Also, Jobike does not claim the app, bike or services will be always uninterrupted or error-free.


Reliance on Information


The app should not be considered as a substitute for advice covering any situation of a journey. The app is in no way to be considered or used as a replacement for professional medical advice, health expert of physical fitness.





Jobike may/may not issue a time or other credits (‘’Credits’’) to Rider to be used toward future trips. No monetary exchange is permitted for credits on rider account. Rechargeable amount (Jo Credit) would not be refunded.




All provisions of these ‘terms and conditions’ related to any exclusion of liability, waivers, the assumption of risks, warranties and indemnification obligations shall survive the termination of these ‘terms and conditions’.     


Cancellation & Refund


If you cancel your membership, your account will still remain, but idle. In case of disabling your account, just send an email to ( ).

You can come back anytime, just logging in with your phone number. Your account will be active again and will be maintained.


When your account is disabled, you can no longer access your account


Other Provisions


Any notification by Jobike via SMS (Text) messages, system messages, may be made by means of a general notice on the services. You may notify Jobike by writing via email :


These Terms & Conditions can/may change in time. However, all users will be notified by SMS/email or notified within the app.


Jobike reserves the right to update these terms from time to time.  An updated version of the terms will be effective immediately. However, you are responsible to review the terms, so that you are aware of the changes to them and you will be bound by the new policies upon your continued use of the app. No other variation of these terms shall be effective unless in writing or signed by an authorized representative on behalf of Jobike.


Failure to exercise any right provision of these terms by Jobike shall not constitute any waiver of such right or provision unless acknowledged and agreed to, by Jobike in writing.


Unless or otherwise expressed or stated in these terms shall create any rights or any other benefits whether any Third Party,  or otherwise in favor of any person other than you, Jobike or its partner companies.

Jobike shall not be responsible to anyone for any financial loss arising out of cancellation, withdrawal, refusal, or any failure or inability of anyone to use for any reason.


To provide our best services and effortless app usage, from time to time, we may update the Jobike app and release versions in Google Play Store. The app is currently available on Android. Our app can be used in all Android versions 4.1 and above.

You will need to download the updates for better performance and usage of the app.  


Jobike does not claim or promise, that it will always update the app so that it is relevant to you/ or works with the Android version that you have installed in your device.


We reserve the right to make changes to the app or to charge for its services at any time and for any reason. However, we will never charge you for the app or its services without making it very clear to you exactly, what you are paying for.


We may wish to stop providing the app and may terminate the usage of it at any time. However, all Jobike users will be notified via SMS or email beforehand.


Unless, we tell you otherwise, upon any termination (a) the rights granted to you in these terms will end. (b) you must stop using the app


Website: https://www.




Any provision of these ‘terms and conditions’ if held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be contrary to law, the remaining provisions shall remain in full effect and full force


Governing Law


These ‘Terms & Conditions’ are governed by the laws of  Bangladesh and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Bangladesh to resolve any dispute between them arising under or any connection with these app terms.


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