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Invest in Jobike

Be the proud owner of Jobike bicycles

Invest as little as

30,000 Taka

in one bicycle

Invest in Jobike

Now our riders can become our investors and our investors can be our customers. In this way Jobike will help to promote a healthy and better life while eliminating the carbon footprint.


Jobike believes it as a very valid strategy for expansion all around Bangladesh. And going forward we think it is a very valid strategy to open up for anyone to invest as little as in one Jobike bicycle which is equivalent to 30,000 Taka so that the people of each city can become investors. And in return, we are offering you a percentage of the fixed monthly guaranteed revenue as a royalty fee. 

We are seeking 200 conventional bicycles to deploy in Dhaka & Chittagong University. Now we need your help to invest in Jobike so that we can buy 200 bicycles and bring it to life. "By investing in Jobike, you not only stand to gain a yearly profit of BDT 8,400 per bicycle but also contribute to the significant reduction of 4,320 lbs of CO2 emissions annually per bicycle. Your investment will play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable future by promoting environmentally-friendly transportation alternatives."

The basic terms and benefit
  • Investment Details:
    Minimum Investment: 30,000 Taka (equivalent to one Jobike conventional bicycle). Maximum Investment: You can invest in as many bicycles as you want

  • Monthly Royalty and Perks:
    Guaranteed Monthly Royalty: Investors will receive BDT 700 Taka as a monthly royalty from the net revenue generated by each bicycle. For example, if you invest in more than one bicycle, you will receive the number of bikes multiplied by 700 Taka as your monthly royalty. This translates to a total annual profit of BDT 8,400 per bicycle.
    Free Usage Perk: Investors can use Jobike for 180 minutes per month, free of charge. 
    Exclusive Jobike Merchandise:
    To further show our gratitude, we will provide each investor with a Jobike T-shirt and a Jobike branded helmet. These exclusive merchandise items not only symbolize your support for our mission but also allow you to proudly showcase your association with Jobike.

  • Contract Terms:
    Contract Duration:
    The contract will be signed for 12 months.
    Return of Investment:
    After 12 months, investors will receive their principal investment amount back.

  • Ownership and Liability:
    Bicycle Ownership:
    The ownership of the bicycles will be under the investor's name for 12 months until the principal amount has been repaid.
    Liability: Jobike will be fully liable and accountable for any loss or damage to the bicycles during the contract period.

Invest & get Rewards

Free Jobike T-Shirt

New Project-4.png

Free Jobike Helmet

Monthly 180 mins free Jobike ride


The Impact

What will your contribution mean?

It will mean a lot.

You will be a giver in many different ways, you will become part of our team, helping us to protect the Bangladesh's air, forests, traffic congestions. You will be an essential cog in the Eco friendly Bike by allowing us to promote clean living, healthy lifestyles and create a cycling revolution which will benefit the whole of the Bangladesh, not just economically, but personally for people, their health, their wellbeing and much more. 

Every investors is going to have an access to Jobike dashboard, where you can track the bikes that you invested, you can see most of the data to get updated every day by logging to your dashboard. We'll talk about the ins and outs of the business to provide you with the utmost transparent business you'll back, through monthly reporting and newsletter. We want you to trust us to deliver on our promises. 

We aim to have within 1 years, 1000 bikes on the ground with over 1,000,000 registered users and 10 million miles ridden, which will result in over millions of co2 being saved, millions of hours saved for our riders, thousands's  of Taka saved from switching to a low-cost transport option.

Be an Investor, and make this happen. We have big goals - this is just the beginning. 

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Invest Today

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Invest in Jobike
Be the proud co-owner of Jobike bicycles

Earn consistent revenue while you support eco-friendly transport.


Invest in Jobike
Be the proud co-owner of Jobike bicycles

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